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  • uncalled for

    The stranger gave 
    the perfect gift -
    It surprised me
    A load weighted
    in the moment I unquestioned
    It troubled me –
    quiet silence
    lives now in the air
    ´till the Stanger sound –
    Sharp – swing in the ear
    Uncalled for -
    I heave rich at once!
    The dreadly stranger
    danced forth
    chased by
    the now indebted hands –
  • as my voyage is now a yarn

    As for the scribble sets still 
    I forget
    A voyage of delight
    I seem to sail for
    Scar made by the desire
    which I cannot cede to exist
    As a mirror patiently waits
    the light bounced from the eye
    So defined – with little judgment
    that I had to look away
    As fast as the time in your
    presence – sadly flies
    My sail abruptly stops
    The warmth that envelopes
    by filaments cold – divided
    The long cloth unravels my body
    As my voyage is now a yarn.
  • urge me my savior

    with such small hands 
    how long the wait present
    a fly arrive
    and the old man die
    urge me my savior
    warmth is to the bone
  • but hands inked

    Covered it pose 
    in dark of nights 
    might it fly 
    for your eyes 
    I saved 
    to touch it not feels 
    but hands inked 
    blood danced 
    and filled 
    empty holes in my skin 
  • ice petrifies

    would not be recommended by any 
    a picture for the deal 
    my eyes cannot lie 
    tears cannot dry 
    that draft of morning shine 
    ice petrifies 
  • dirt would ruin

    A look from afar 
    ´cause I know
    I am not worth of it
    like other times
    as shadow stands
    if I would be next
    dirt would ruin
    to shield from waves
    I break
    but rest my mind would grasp
  • a man once told me

    Once a man 
    told me what if 
    that day 
    I learned something new 
    Once a man 
    told me because 
    that was when I learned why 
  • he was too angry I believed in him

    Destiny felt guilty 
    so he gave me a present 
    Destiny felt bad 
    so he tried to make it 
    up to me 
    Destiny felt dirty 
    because he was too angry 
    I believed in him 
  • in the forest

    In the forest
    of grass wires 
    so many of you there are
    to count
    is impossible
    to feel you
    is pure joy
  • no end my actions have

    Oh my dear! 
    don´t ask me - 
    don´t ask me - 
    no end my actions have 
    in my mind 
    from the start of all 
    to my demands 
    I only obey 
    no place for others 
    no need for others  
    only a slave to myself 
    only to die for myself 
    but - 
    oh my dear! 
    don´t ask me - 
    don´t ask me – 
    if you ask me  
    I would